Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fraud And Loathing In Wisconsin

You're welcome HST fans. Shout-outs to King Hunter don't happen nearly enough anymore.

So the GAB board met yesterday to discuss the mess known as Republican petitions to recall three Democratic Senators Wirch, Holperin and Hansen.

There was no real question the GAB would wade through the challenges and ultimately certify enough signatures to green light the recalls. The Wisconsin GOP and their supporters have claimed victory even though the retired judges that make up the board all agreed their was fraud to be found in the Republican's efforts. But a win is a win is a win I guess.

Fraud is one thing and lying is another...One week after saying she would not seek to stop the recall election pending against her, Alberta Darling went to court yesterday to try and block her recall election. Flip flops are always popular in summer and Darling is stocking up.

Upping the ante, Darling has a fundraiser scheduled Friday night in Milwaukee with special guest - Paul Ryan. One pictures a giant piƱata that spells out "Medicare" in which attendees all get a chance to club it death. Viagra and Advil pills will spill out on the ballroom floor from the wounded carcass to the delight of Republican donors. Good times.