Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fred Dooley Is A Turd

The image on the left which has rallied students, teachers, firemen and other slobs known as working people for the last five months was developed by the AFL-CIO after images of a solidarity fist drawn over a state map became popular in early February.

It's a clever bit of imagery using the shape of our state to represent the traditional solidarity raised fist, a white star placed directly over Madison on a blue background referencing support for the 14 Democratic Senators. In terms of the kind of symbolism that propels a movement - it's perfect. Unlike the Gadsden Flag co-opted by the teabillies, it's totally original but still reminds people of the long history in the fight for worker rights.

Yesterday, Fred Dooley over at Real Debate Wisconsin posted this version of the AFL-CIO solidarity poster riddled with bullet holes and asked readers who comment on his brain farts to caption the image.

Parody is certainly fair game and generally appreciated by the Siren. Violence is not. In a week that has seen a conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice involved in the physical assault of another justice, a former Republican State Senator and two other men charged with punching and breaking the tooth of a singer in the State Capitol and a Republican recall candidate for State Senate in Green Bay who we have learned has a record of domestic abuse and disorderly conduct - this shit isn't funny.

This is what Fred Dooley and his friends find acceptable. This is what passes for humor among conservatives in Wisconsin. It's all fun and games until someone gets shot and then they squeal they had nothing to do with the climate of violence.