Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holy Crap...GOP Recall Candidate Is A Wife Beater

Wife beater and a Weasel
Hats off to Politiscoop and BloggingBlue for obtaining the police records relating to David Vanderleest who is the GOP Senate candidate in the recall election against Dave Hansen.

The Siren told you a few weeks ago about his domestic disputes and restraining orders...not to mention his bankruptcy issues and having his house foreclosed.

The police records reveal that Vanderleest viscously beat his wife on at least several occasions and threatened to "kill" her, violated the court ordered restraining orders and was arrested.

Vanderleest, who is an officer in the Brown County Republican Party, has until Friday to turn in his nomination signatures to be on the ballot in Green Bay. This is the guy they believe is a better choice for Wisconsin Senate than Dave Hansen.

The Brown County Republicans should send their 2nd Vice Chairman to treatment instead of putting him on the ballot...and on behalf of womenkind who have an issue with men who beat their suck.