Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poop Air Escapes From Vos' Mouth Again

Robin Vos
According to today's JT on Robin Vos' bill to erode local control over rental units and strip rights away from renters:
"Waiting until a current tenant moves out before showing a prospective tenant the property, Vos said, could amount to a month's loss of rent for the property owner...Vos, who owns several rental units. The state Government Accountability Board...has ruled there is no conflict interest regarding his involvement..."
Yeah, okay.
1. The law in Madison says an owner may not show an apartment until 1/4th of the lease has been fulfilled and the owner must give 24 hours notice. There is no law prohibiting showing a rental while it has a renter-Vos is lying.
2. According to his financial disclosure in 2010, Vos owns 25 individual residences, many with multiple apartments not several as the JT falsely states.