Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Redistricting Hide And Seek

The Wisconsin GOP has been somewhat coy on the subject of redistricting. When questioned they kinda hum and tap dance...maybe, not yet, we don't know.

Even though redistricting is traditionally taken up in the fall, they know perfectly well by this fall they may not be able to pass gas let alone redraw Wisconsin election districts.

Being totally bereft of original and constructive thought, they have been playing coy because their puppet masters (WMC, Koch Industries, ALEC, Club for Growth, Paul Ryan) haven't given them a copy of the map they want their little mules in Madison to pass.

Until now...

We now have a Congressional District map created under the guidance of the Wisconsin congressional delegation with Eddie Munster rolling up his sleeves to help out his new little friend, Sean Duffy.

By most accounts the changes are designed to aid the "Real World" reality star, Duffy who keeps saying such stupid shit in front of his constituents that he's in real danger of being booted. The Siren doesn't care about him...what does peak our interest is the little itty bitty change Ryan has made to boost his GOP rating ever so much...and it's very revealing.

Ryan has moved the northern border of his district up into Waukesha County just a bit. Taking a tiny chunk away from human/reptile hybrid Jim Sensenbrenner's district which is not only securely Republican, but also has the highest voter turnout in the country. Ryan boosts his GOP rating up 4 points.

So what's the deal? Ryan wins by big margins every time. The Siren believes Mr. P90X is a little nervous about having become human kryptonite in spite of his claim he doesn't care if he gets reelected. In a word...ZERBAN. Ryan knows he's the DCCC top prize and the flood gates of big money are opening to end his congressional career.

Ryan won his seat because of a redistricting advantage and now he's acting to save his own skin with another redistricting maneuver. Fascinating.