Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ron Johnson Is Not Only Greedy, He's Dumb

Ron Johnson
When you're the CEO and the son-in-law of the guy who put you in business, you get pretty used to never answering questions from the riff-raff. It must be a huge bummer to have bought yourself a shiny new Senate seat only to discover the riff-raff sort of think you work for them.

They like to know stuff like "did you break election law by having your company pay for your election?" Imagine the annoyance for Ron Johnson when they don't take "MYOB" as a suitable answer.

Johnson finds himself having to explain his $10 million deferred compensation package from his own company that coincides nicely with his $8.9 million campaign price tag. Since Johnson never deferred income this way in the past, interested parties would like to see the written agreement that predates the payment, without one it looks like Johnson's company may have footed the bill for his campaign...which is illegal.

Not content to just be accused of breaking campaign finance law this week, Johnson also attempted to block senate business over negotiations on the debt ceiling. Johnson held the Senate hostage for about two hours before wily Harry Reid pulled a procedural trick that shut down Johnson's grandstanding.

Johnson along with 21 other GOP knuckleheads came out earlier this year in support of not raising the debt ceiling which basically characterized the US economy as a credit card whose limit was exceeded. Actual economics experts which include a lot of Republicans have repeatedly stated that failing to raise the debt limit would result not only in a serious US recession, but probably a global economic crisis. Interest rates would rise, social security checks would stop along with US troop payroll, just to name a few things that would effect everyday people.

What does Johnson care?...He just wrote himself a $10 million check.