Monday, June 27, 2011

Root River Girl A Big Hit In Madison

Racine native, Vicky Selkowe is one of seven candidates running for Wisconsin State Assembly in a special election for Joe Parisi's seat. If her name is familiar to you it may because she is the daughter of esteemed journalist, former editor of the Journal Times (when it was worth reading) and scooter enthusiast, Pete Selkowe.

Vicky is an attorney, longtime social justice organizer and Chief of Staff to Racine's Representative, Cory Mason. In a field of many good candidates, Vicky has scored some key endorsements...most recently the entire Madison Teacher Inc. as well as the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. This girl is gonna win.

In a world - make that a state - of political cronies and hacks on both sides of the aisle, it is so refreshing to see a brilliant and qualified young person run for office... Yeah, I'm talking to you Tyson "do you want butter with that popcorn" Fettes.