Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silent Majority Gets Nasty

Tweet from Lora Halberstadt of the Racine Tea Party
The Silent Majority - a rather genius moniker for the Tea Party designed to belie the fact they are neither a majority or particularly silent. It's genius because if you don't see many of them it's because they are cloaked by invisibility on purpose rather than by a scarcity of numbers -get it?!

Anyway, two dudes with their requisite Gadsen flag and accompanied by former State Senator Dave Zein embarked on a bizarre attack of Solidarity Singers in the State Capitol rotunda yesterday.

The Solidarity Singers are a group of folks who gather in the Capitol at lunch time and sing some solidarity themed songs. They don't shout or cause trouble. They form a circle, sing and go and have some Chai flavored drinks afterward I would guess.

During a caucus break from hearings on conceal and carry in the legislature, Zein rolled himself out into the rotunda and began yelling "Scott Walker for President!" and proceeded to roll over the singer's possessions and over their feet. The two dudes carried their Gadsen flag hitting some singers in the face. When one singer ripped the flag off his face, one of the dudes put him in a head lock and punched him breaking the singer's tooth.

The two dudes and the singer with a the broken tooth were all cited for disorderly conduct. Zein later returned to the conceal and carry debate and was given a standing ovation...presumably for his public service and not the attack on singers.

On a lighter note, the metal detectors were taken down in the Capitol today...