Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer In The City

Things are heating up in Racine this summer, even if the weather is not...

~Just when we started to feel a bit of sympathy for Park 6 owner Thomas Holmes and his never ending quest to keep his liquor license. The Siren learns of his newest business the form of porn star, Ms. Cherokee D'Booty. Ms. D'Booty who also appears under the name of Cherokee D'Ass is one of the esteemed Big Booty Bitches All Stars. Ms. D'Booty-Ass will be in Racine on July 1st for a special exclusive engagement at Park 6.

Naturally, there is nothing illegal about Mr. Holmes promotion and this young lady is clearly popular if you Google your own risk. However, City Counsel questions about Holmes' chosen clientele will not be easily satisfied with this stunt. Very poor timing Mr. Holmes.

~The search for a Racine Police Chief is getting some unfortunate spin. Is it discrimination or not? Once the race card is played, it's mighty hard to undo.

Word around town is there is an underwhelming enthusiasm for either Art Howell or Carlos Lopez to fill the job among the rank and file. That sounds to us like a human resources issue. At the same time, former Mayor Becker made a few hires that wound up costing the city a pretty penny to untangle, perhaps caution is not such a bad idea.

The Siren suggests time, restraint from jumping to conclusions and a whole lot of transparency or this situation will quickly turn ugly for everyone.

~The drama from John Dickert's slander case has proven to be red meat for the wild-eyed Dickert haters once again. Dickert has requested indemnification from the city which means they cover the cost of the lawsuit since he was acting as Mayor.

Now first, the Siren has said before trashing any former employee is dumb and unprofessional. Dickert was wrong to say it. Second, Mr. Bielefeldt's case is weak. He slandered himself more by saying the Mayor was referring to him when Dickert did not refer to him by name. Lastly, there is no real question that even if Dickert was wrong, he was acting as the Mayor by just discussing issues he had attended to as Mayor.

Claiming he was a only candidate only doesn't fly. If you want to see some slander check out the comments on RacineUncovered website...the local website where irony went to die.