Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Supreme Hacks

Anyone who is surprised by the pace and timing of the Wisconsin Supreme courts decision to reinstate the budget repair bill nullified by Judge Sumi is a sweet but naive fool.

Republicans did not want to push the collective bargaining killer through again just as Madison is heating up and recalls are all a go. The GOP's not very subtle message that they would if the court did not rule was not to show they have balls but to signal them to hurry the fuck up. And so they did.

Tiny spitball of whoop-ass, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Shirley Abrahamson had this to say in her dissent:
"Those who would rush to judgment on these matters are essentially taking the position that getting this opinion out is more important than doing it right and getting it right."
Hmmm, I wonder why she may have thought that? Then she invites an appeal in the nicest way possible. And so they will.