Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weather Outside Fitzwalkerstan For Scotty A Bit Chilly

Scotty Boy took a trip to Washington this week expecting a hero's welcome and what he got was a little less...

He co-hosted CNBC's Squawk Box this morning displaying an embarrassing lack of posture from side shots (Dude, we don't like you but you're representing Wisconsin - sit up straight for cryin' out loud). Walker managed to look not too cross-eyed or lazy-eyed - or whatever distracting thing that is wrong with his eyeballs and he remembered a few statistics too.

Then unfortunately for Walker, Howard Dean came on. Dean not only shamed Walker for tearing apart his state but managed to know a little more about Wisconsin than Walker expected.

Walker on needlessly destroying collective bargaining:
"I was a local county official before this, we couldn't do anything we needed to do to balance the budget and protect jobs..."
Dean replied:
"I disagree. you can get to where you want to go if you work with people. My guess is you've done damage to your infrastructure. You've done damage to your political standing because the last poll I saw showed you'd lose to Tom Barrett 50-43 if the election were held today."
Scotty's lazy eye drifted to the right.

Then the Washington Post comes out with an article this morning that queries for all Walker's intransigence, job creation in Wisconsin is flat. Where are the jobs? Dana Milbank wonders. Milbank compares states whose Governors didn't unravel a century of worker rights and finds they are not trailing Wisconsin in job creation. Walker's shock and awe tactics result in a shrug.

Scott Walker is finding himself having become the poster boy for how not to lead a state and with no real job creation under his belt it will become harder and harder to defend him.