Monday, June 20, 2011

When Teabaggers And Testicles Collide

Ann Althouse, esteemed law professor and respected blogger according to Ann Althouse, took a walk in Madison on Saturday. Her goal was to video the tens of teabillies who showed up at the Capitol to stage a silent majority parade to support Scott Walker. Being silent was their secret weapon to draw Madisonians to their cause, but since it was bustling Saturday morning on the square, they were mostly ignored.

Althouse engaged a few people in some boring (and edited) discussion, but it was when naked bike riders appeared that Althouse ditched the teabaggers in favor of actual testicles (wait for it at the's hilarious).

The lesson perhaps lost on Althouse - and on the teabillies - was if you are white and silent, you should probably be naked if you want to be noticed in Madison. Let those teabags fly!