Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anti-Gay Lesbians Pour $$$ Into Recall Elections

Is it reasonable to assume that a never-married lady of a certain age who has lived with another never-married lady of a certain age for years and years and who co-own a house together are lesbians? I thought so.

So this lesbian, Julaine Appling, from Wisconsin Family Action  has been pouring tons of money ($304,000) in an ad campaign against Democrats facing recalls.

The Wisconsin Family Action group is best known for it's successful effort to amend the State Constitution to ban same-sex marriage in 2006. The WFA advocates for "Marriage, Family, Life and Liberty" according to their website. Of course that's code for No Gays, No Birth Control, No Abortion and lots of Guns.

However, the Wisconsin Gazette has noticed Appling and friends have taken a break from their efforts at obvious self-loathing and turned their attention from gay bashing. (I mean really, how many closeted gay Republicans who have made careers out of smearing the gays...admit to being gay after they get caught in bathroom stalls, texting boys, buying crystal meth and promoting Presidential candidates?) Talk about discipline!

Where does her money come from? She won't say. They are the lobbying arm of the Wisconsin Family Council and what seemed to many as a tiny and specific issue group, instead have become major players in the race to spend big bucks on the State's recalls.