Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cullen Werwie Is A Tool

Cullen Werwie (left) with Madison Student
What kind of bullshit name is "Cullen Werwie" anyway? Seriously, a spokesperson should have a strong decisive name like "Rod Block". Cullen Werwie sounds like the noise a bathtub toy makes...

Anyway, Cullen Werwie is Scott Walker's little butt boy and spokesperson. He looks like a guy you could order straight out of the young Republican catalog: pale, slight shouldered, with a Paul Ryan look alike hairdo. The Siren bets he's got a picture of Ryan taped to his bathroom mirror just so he gets the look right each morning.

After a group of 18 State School Superintendents and District officials met in Greenfield yesterday for a press conference to voice their concern and frustration in coping with $800 million in funding cuts. Werwie said the budget will actually allow schools to save more money than will be lost with the new budget, and items such as merit pay will ensure Wisconsin schools have the “best and brightest” teachers.
“With all due respect, those select superintendents hardly speak for every school district across the state,” Werwie said. “The savings that school districts can receive outweigh the reductions in state aid.”
Yeah you dummies, less money means more opportunities to fire teachers and cover costs. And since they weren't from Waukesha, he didn't care anyway.

Ohhh, the Siren can't wait for Walker's recall when Werwie envisions going back to his job at Family Video.