Monday, July 18, 2011

How Poorly Will VanderLEAST Perform Tomorrow?

Of the six elections happening tomorrow, five are primaries and one is a general election. Exciting!

Not really.

The general election tomorrow is between Democratic Senator, Dave Hansen and Republican Teabilly, David VanderLeest. It was supposed to be a primary, but Republican favorite, John Nygren offered a flaccid effort to get 400 nomination signatures, missed by two and told the GOP - he didn't understand, this had never happened to him before! Yeah right.

So the Republicans are saddled with a guy who beat up his wife, got arrested for disorderly conduct, lost his house and is apparently on food stamps...and he's not even forty yet. In his defense, he did tell Wisconsin Public Radio he doesn't smoke crack. So there haters.

From the Atlanic:

In late June, VanderLeest defended himself in a beautiful single paragraph press release that included blaming his wife's drinking problem to misspelling the word "tried" ("tryed") to declaring [sic] "I am inocent of every criminal case ever brought against me."

Oh the Lolz!

So Republicans have been avoiding Vanderleest and even the hint of an endorsement like Fred Dooley avoids  celery. The only question that remains is how bad will VanderLeest lose?

We've all held or nose and voted...but this is a swim through hell's cesspool with a voting booth at the end. The Republicans who cast a vote for this guy would vote for anyone who isn't a Democrat.