Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lazy Ass WI Rep Experiences Electile Dysfunction

Wisconsin State Representative John Nygren had aspirations to trade-up to the Senate by challenging Dave Hansen in a recall election. The kids around Green Bay produced enough signatures to trigger the recall - and whether you hire dirt-bags from out of town to collect signatures or not - it's still a big job.

All Nygren had to do was collect nomination signatures to get himself on the ballot.

Unlike the recall petition which got thousands of signatures, lazy Nygren needed a mere 400 to qualify. The Siren understands that not all of you live and breath this political crap - so here's the deal:

Nomination signatures are the first battle line in the campaign. Candidates understand that in order to withstand any challenges from the opponent's camp (which are de rigueur) they get plenty extra. The Sirens knows a Representative who gets at least 2000 each election cycle.

How many did Nygren get? 424. To say he phoned it in is an insult to phones.

The hope of the GOP to blast Hansen out of the water produced a little fart bubble and when the challenges came round he found himself two signatures short to qualify for the ballot. Naturally he sued the GAB. (Do conservatives who always yap about tort reform ever feel dirty when they are forced to sue someone to cover-up their own failings?)

Yeah, so the judge on Friday told Nygren to pack sand and he's done. That leaves candidate, David VanderLeest, who beat up his wife, got his house foreclosed and arrested for disorderly conduct to be the new hope of the GOP to beat Hansen. When VanderLeest was questioned about his rather "Jerry Springer" type past last week, he blamed his wife and said she invented the bruises on her skull because she had a drinking problem...'cause he's classy like that.

Wisconsin Republicans shot their mouths off about unseating all fourteen Senators. When deadlines came due they only pulled off three recalls and lacked the pipe to back up the big talk. It is unlikely they will prevail in any of their three recalls and with the Nygren fuck-up it's a given their shot at Hansen is done.