Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out and About Today At City Hall

Seen out in front of City today at lunchtime was the solitary figure of Bill Bielefeldt with a protest sign saying something to the effect of "You said it, you pay for it".

Bielefeldt is protesting on behalf of himself and his (weak) lawsuit the cost of which will be absorbed by Racine taxpayers instead of John Dickert as he had planned. Oops.

It's a nice try to look like the victim, but let's be honest...he brought the case, he listened to a bad lawyer (Eric Marcus) who had a built-in motive to disgrace the Mayor ('cause he wanted to be Mayor instead) and through a legitimate strategy by Dickert's lawyers - the City of Racine could pay for it all.

Maybe if Bielefeldt had actually talked to a good lawyer who might have explained this could all be billed to the taxpayers - he would have thought twice about the whole mess.

Again, the Siren finds it amusing that Bielefeldt and RacineUncovered are wringing their hands about the grave injustice being done to taxpayers without mentioning they caused it! Marcus' fingerprints are all over this lawsuit and so far no one has asked him about it...we can't wait to hear his explanation.