Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Republicans Lose Six Elections In Wisconsin

The TV, print and internet news last night and today is buzzing with the win of real Democrats over the slate of six "fake" Democrats in Wisconsin primary elections.

Let's get something straight: they weren't Democrats, fake or real, they were Republicans. Republicans lost six primary elections yesterday.

Not only did Republicans cheat and insult voters of Wisconsin by running GOP candidates as Democrats, they lied about why they were running.

At first GOP leaders said these "fake" candidates were simply to push back the date of the election...they would not be campaigning. Then magically a few days before the primary all kinds of funny tricks started happening. Robocalls from out of state telling democrats to stay home, literature promoting the "fake" candidate over the Dem opponent and pretty soon they were actually attempting to fool Dems and push Republicans to vote for the "fake" candidate in the hopes of knocking out the real Democrats.

Ronald Reagan would have been so proud of his party in Wisconsin.

It didn't work and that's credit to the people in those districts. All six Republicans lost yesterday and established a new low for Republican standards in this state.