Sunday, July 24, 2011

Robin Vos: The Man Amidst The Hypocrisy

Photo: Scott Anderson, Journal Times
What is wrong with the Journal Times? Seriously in the history of cheesy feature pieces, their puffy, puff, puff piece on Robin Vos was almost as embarrassing as his yearbook style photo on that fork truck.

(As readers know, the Siren usually attaches pictures of everyone's favorite douche bag - Chip Brewer, ala Animal House - but this real picture is actually funnier.)

"The Man Amidst The Controversy"
blares the headline. The photo suggests he is a man amidst the boxes of popcorn. Nevermind, let's get to the "story"...

Okay, so in grade school, Vos went to his first Republican rally at the suggestion of a nun. (A big relief from most of the stories we hear about extra-curricular activity stories from boys who attend Catholic school.)  Untouched, he went on to the higher learning halls of UW-Whitewater where he roomed with Reince Priebus and Jim Ladwig. Let us pause and imagine that for moment. Neither Priebus nor Vos (with his permanent "I smell a fart" facial expression) could have been much in the way of girl bait. The Siren figures it must have been Ladwig, with his swarthy mullet who got the girls. Priebus and Vos got what was left.

So for his very first job, Vos got appointed by Tommy Thompson because he worked for Thompson's campaign. Nice. He then went on to work for his roommate's father, Rep. Jim Ladwig. When Bonnie took over the seat, Vos kept on as an aide. When Bonnie retired, Vos ran for the seat with her nodding support.

Has this guy EVER been on a job interview?!

With his halcyon days as a popcorn king and Whitewater slumlord ahead of him, Vos married twice and bought a carwash.

Let's get to the Controversy...

Wait a minute. We are reading....Vos demurs whether or not he is a millionaire...making Wisconsin a better place...anything is possible...article ends. What about the fucking controversy?!

What about Vos' position as State Chairman for ALEC which has been all over the news this week? What about the lawsuit filed against the collective bargaining law he passed? What about the lawsuit filed against the redistricting maps and Voter ID bills? What about protests and people dragged out of his Joint Finance meetings. What about his effort to restrict access to his financial statements, instituting private bounty hunters, conceal and carry in public buildings, backpay for fired Milwaukee police officers and school vouchers ONLY in Racine?

OMFG, this article is bullshit!

Was this payback for allowing one single damning commentary through earlier in the week? We should ask the author, Stephanie Jones when she returns from her long, extended vacation up Vos' ass.