Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steitz And His Bad Company

Yesterday, Zach over at Blogging Blue and Giles at Daily Kos connected a story about Jonathan Steitz, candidate for Senate against Bob Wirch, and some of Steitz' donors who have a creepy background.

Candidates can't really control who chooses to give them money. If a donor is super controversial they can give the money back...which no one wants to do, so they bank on the hope that no one really checks their donor lists. No one except geeks like, Zach, Giles and the Siren.

The donations appear to come from clergy associated with Living Light Christian Church which meets at the Treasures Bookstore in Racine. What Giles and Zach may not know is that Treasures Bookstore has a whole backstory all it's own...

Jerry Bloom, the owner of Treasures - (whose wife Tracy is also a Steitz donor) is a convicted felon who spent his youth as a skinhead and did time in prison for firing a gun through the window of an African American church in Racine while it was in service.

Jerry found Jesus and apparently that has been enough to keep him from discharging a weapon at any more church goers.

However, that isn't even the whole story on some of Steitz' donors.

The Siren spotted our favorite teabilly queen, Raydene Edenhofer on Steitz' finance report. Readers will recall that Edenhofer is the original organizer for the "912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin".

Their goth/patriot website immediately plays "Wake Up America" when you visit. It has these awesome lyrics that end with:

Wake up America
before it’s too late
They are trying to make you fade away
they are trying to kill your faith

In the name of greed they are selling your future
but there’s still hope for you America
now it’s the time to wake up and fight...
now it’s the time... or you will die

Not only did the the 912ers write a bunch of crazy crap in their heyday, but Raydene herself has been a leading force to eradicate social justice organizations like Kenosha's CUSH and Racine's Racine Interfaith Coalition in a nutty smear campaign that says they and the dozens of area churches who are members are trying to destroy America.

It would be easy to dismiss Edenhofer as a misinformed extremist who watched too much Glenn Beck if it were not for the fact that she managed to get Carthage College to host her workshop on the dangers of social justice faith-based groups. Members of clergy across the state and the leaders of Wisdom contacted the Carthage College President to cancel the workshop, but as an alumni, Edenhofer got her workshop.

At the Tea Party rally on September 11th last fall, Edenhofer was distributing similar flyers in Racine. She has posted numerous times on Steitz' facebook page and her 912 Patriot Website carries his banner.

As Jonathan Steitz tries to convince voters he is a reasonable and fiscally conservative Republican, closer examination has proved many of his closest supporters are really quite bananas.