Friday, July 8, 2011

When Miles Met David

Political folks around Racine are familiar with local talent, Miles Kristan and his traveling floor show. Miles is a radical...well that's what he says and the rest of us are not. If you are not a radical then you are not down with the cause.

Miles trademark is going to a town-hall or big meeting and hijacking it with an earnest but increasingly shrill rant that concludes when he gets carried out by the police or security. This usually causes the audience to applaud and the show is over.

Don't misunderstand the Siren's criticism of Kristan, he's sincere. Stunts are useful, but his frequent condescension towards people who actually work at change, day by day doesn't win him a lot of friends.

Anyhoo...Miles found Madison just as the State imploded in February and it has been a love affair since. He has been a rebel with a tailor made cause. Central to the Capitol actions and then in the Walkerville encampment, Miles is a fixture around the square and it seems he finally found his sense of humor.

Armed with some drop cloths, duct tape and and air compressor, Miles fashioned a giant David Prosser balloon with hands able to choke the life out of you. Set up on the square with some good old fashioned street theater antics, pedestrians are encouraged to stay away from giant David Prosser lest he strangle you to death!

Another stunt? Yes, but a clever one. Visual snarkiness is not as easy to pull off as it seems. Anyone can go ballistic and get dragged out of a town hall...that's the teabilly stock and trade. Kristan has made his point, got press and didn't make it about it's fucking hilarious.