Friday, July 8, 2011

Whining And Dining

Let Them Eat Cake!
Mr. Fiscal Responsibility, Paul Ryan got caught living the high life at a fancy bistro on Capitol Hill with two "economists" who he swears were not "lobbyists" that were treating to a dinner which included TWO $350 bottles of pinot noir.

Susan Feinberg was out celebrating her birthday and recognized Ryan in the schmantzy Bistro Bis with two gentlemen. She noticed the bottle of wine they had ordered and looked it up in the wine menu. Shocked to discover it was the priciest in the joint at $350 a pop and then noticing a second bottle arriving to the table she found herself in an unusual situation.

See, Feinberg is actually a real economist and professor and it didn't take her long to calculate that Mr. Ryan's evening beverage was roughly just a bit more than a week's salary of a couple making minimum wage in the good old USA.

Also realizing that this was the man widely known to be calling for the end of Medicare at great risk and expense to senior citizens, she found herself out of her seat and across the room to tell Mr. Ryan and his dinner guests exactly what she thought of their Marie Antoinette lifestyle.

Ryan says he didn't know the wine cost that much and paid for one bottle plus his dinner which alone totaled $472 including tip. He also said Feinberg was drunk (an observation she denies) which is the go-to excuse for the GOP these days, no doubt had he attempted to choke her it surely would have been because he was defending himself from her neck!

As a Congressman from a district that is home to the highest unemployment rate, highest infant mortality rate and self-supporting jobs that are a thing of the past, Ryan's display does seem dans le mauvais gout.

Il est un encule immorale qui doit etre remplace. Oui?