Friday, August 26, 2011

Capitol Exodus: Rat Edition

Departures are nothing new, but when two of your top lieutenants jump ship within a weeks time there may be a problem in the engine room.

Former Walker Chief of Staff, Tom Nardelli backed away from a position as head of the Division of Environment and Regulatory Services just days after accepting the post.

Apparently the probe and seizure of staff computers in this troubled little division was a little too much drama for Nardelli to take and he jumped ship from the gang-plank.

Then after eight months on the job, Cindy Archer has taken an indefinite leave of absence as deputy secretary of the Department of Administration. Like Nardelli, Archer has denied the growing probe of county workers played a role, but not very convincingly at all.

While the John Doe investigation continues, former staffers are strangely going missing from Madison...