Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chip Brewer Moves To Make Recalls Harder

Robbie Vos
Ooooh don't you pick on Robin Vos' girlfriend, you union thugs.

Crabby from his evening of holding the crypt-keeper's hand during her election watch party, Robin Vos is gonna make sure no one fucks with Alberta Darling again.

In a press release today, Vos smelled a little poop air near the GAB and wants to know just how much those frivolous recalls cost. He's planning to introduce legislation to make grounds for recall harder - because six recalls with two losses is more than is girlish sensibilities can take!

“No longer should taxpayer dollars be wasted on unnecessary recall elections that were triggered by a vote that some special interest group didn’t like.” said Rep. Vos. “It undermines our democracy and wastes precious taxpayer dollars that are needed elsewhere.”

Yeah, 'cause those primaries with the fake Democrats were free. Sheesh!