Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cory Mason Sucks No Koch

Everything is all about the Koch brothers and ALEC these days isn't it? Of course the Siren has been on the trail for quite awhile...

Anyhoo, a few days ago a commenter posted a response to the Siren's smack-down of Racine's Koch-whore wannabe, Fred Young and reminded us that Representative Cory Mason was a recipient of some Koch money himself.

And that my friends, is totally true. The JT reported on it as well.

Not the end of the story however...Mason, because he is a hero with a heart of gold and toes made of chocolate, gave the money back. Yep, he turned down money from a couple of the richest men in the world.

Our commenter tipped his hand a bit by:
1. Pointing out that the whole controversy was a bit overblown - which means they really wish we would stop drawing attention to it.
2. The Koch brothers are Liberarians not Republicans - which means even though we all know they donate heavily to Republicans, the GOPers are trying to put a little more distance between them and the controversial billionaires.
3. Mason took money too - which means they know it's tainted and tried to smear the good guy with it too. Which is exactly why he got a check for a couple of bucks in the first place - when the shit hits the fans he's covered in it too.

Nice try fellas. Mason told the Kochs to suck it and that's why he's the Siren's hero today.