Saturday, August 27, 2011

Defeating Vos Goes Grassroots

The Siren dislikes Robin Vos. In person, he is smug and condescending, he is slight of build and given to persistent eye-rolling - the type usually found on the face of a 13 year old. His trademark however is a permanent expression that appears as if he is smelling a ripe fart- not of his own making.

Robin Vos is Tucker Carlson without the hair, style, personality or brains.

It is good news that a little blog has popped up called "Defeat Vos" dedicated to trashing Vos' politics, policies and general well-being...why should the Siren hog all the fun?

The Siren does not know who runs it or why, but one more citizen out there has unburdened his or her frustration by castigating the King of Pop(corn) and that is a good thing indeed. Whether a grassroots effort to unseat 'Lil Robin can be initiated remains to be seen. Good people have tried and got their asses handed to them. The Siren wishes this blog much luck!