Sunday, August 21, 2011

Did The JT Just Call For Milkie's Removal?

Wait a this the paper that refuses to print endorsements in order to protect their shrinking subscription base?

The Siren may be a bit drowsy but when they say:
"...residents are justified in seeking their removal from office, and replacing them with new officers who understand that their purpose is to serve village residents..."
It sure sounds like a recall or something like it. Hmmmmm.

So JT Editor, Steve Lovejoy got his undies in a bundle when Village President Carolyn Milkie and friends shut the JT out and refused to turn over correspondence exchanged between Mount Pleasant Trustees. Killjoy says their insolence is an impeachable offense...and perhaps it is.

It is also an interesting departure from his position on recall elections in April when he said in a JT editorial:
"Political battles should be waged at the polls."
It was a superfluous argument when teachers, nurses and corrections officers were denied their right to bargain for wages and benefits and thousands were locked out the Capitol building they own, but deny Lovejoy his open records and he wants a head on a stick.

Irony is a funny thing isn't it?