Friday, August 12, 2011

Fight Night In Kenosha

Photot: Kenosha News
It wasn't just debate night for the GOP Presidential hopefuls, it was debate night at Gateway in Kenosha for Senator Bob Wirch and recall candidate Jonathan Steitz.

It was a bit of a slugfest. Yahoo, the Siren loves her some smack talk.

Listening to the audio from WGTD is only slightly less irritating than getting a day pass to read the Kenosha News - I mean really, it isn't the New York Times!

Anyway the sparks flew. Who knew Bob Wirch was so feisty?


~Wirch tells Steitz he had a rally that day at a union hall, Steitz had a fundraiser at a country club. Pow!
~Wirch tells Steitz he should sue State Republicans for lack of support. Zoom!
~Steitz criticizes Wirch for going to fish fries (?!?) and Wirch replies that's where the people are. Kaboom!
~Steitz gives loooong explanation about how he's only lived in Wisconsin a few years, Wirch says simply he's lived in the district "all my life". Bam!
~Steitz says Wirch hasn't created any jobs and Wirch holds up an ad taken out by Ocean Spray thanking him for helping create new jobs. Whack!
~Steitz praises Peter Barca for staying and doing his job, Wirch reminds him that Barca supports him not Steitz. Bang!

And so it went, not that it changed any minds of the crazy teabillies that were in the audience. Confronted with his tax delinquency and his carpetbagger campaign, Steitz only said he takes responsibility and was roundly cheered by the folks who believe renting to sex offenders and not paying your state taxes still qualify you for office. Whatever.

The Republicans and Koch Brothers have pulled out of Kenosha to try their hand in supporting brainless Kim Simac. Bob Wirch will live to fish fry again.