Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kim Simac Is Soooooooooo Dumb

How dumb is she?

Oh for Christ's sake, I know you guys are just trying to have an election, but a baked potato (with roughly the same weathered skin) would be less embarrassing.

Asked during a local radio forum what legislation she would either support or change if elected, the Republican candidate running against Holperin in next Tuesday's recall election said she didn't know.

I don't mean she tapped danced and avoided the answer, she actually said the question stumped her!

Her quote:
"Hmm, well, I think that . . . I guess I would have to say that with all of the things that I've been looking at, I think you just stumped me. All the things I've been looking at for all the last couple months here trying to get up on board as a new candidate, I've been trying to stay up with the issues, but I would have to say that I can't name you a single one right now."
Seriously kids, this isn't worthy of the cost of an election.