Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Labor And Parades

You may or may not have heard that Wausau Labor Day Parade organizers have prohibited Republicans from marching in their parade. Fake indignation has enveloped the region as Mayor Jim Tipple says the city will pull all city financial assistance requiring organizers to reimburse Wausau for police escorts, stage set-up and insurance.

Parade exclusions are nothing new, St. Patrick's Day parade organizers have battled for years over whether Gay Pride groups can legally march with them. One case went as far as the Supreme Court where it was decided that even though the parade was a public event, it was hosted by a private organization who gets to decide who is in and who is out.

With that said, the Siren will tell you that many of her Hibernian kin see the exclusion as homophobic and an intolerant stance that is not attractive at all. They wouldn't attend a St. Patty's Day parade if the beer was free.  A Pride parade on the other hand? Well that's fun!

Sometimes all that's left is just you and the Supreme Court.

Wisconsin GOPers have been working on their hurt and dejected faces since word got out. But did they really want to march? Of course not.

Sean Duffy knows he would be booed from one end of the parade to the other and that's why labor organizers should have welcomed him to the parade instead of barring him. While the Siren believes parade officials can legally invite or exclude anyone they want, they got it all wrong and now they look like the bad guys.

Take Janesville...Paul Ryan has confirmed his attendance at their Labor Day parade and in it he will march. Just a few entries before him will be a welcoming committee of unemployed workers who not only can't get a job, they can't get a meeting with their own Congressman. Hundreds of people are gonna turn up in his hometown (which he never wins BTW) and he's gonna take the full brunt of worker anger and resentment. Video cameras will roll and Ryan will be forced to smile and wave - St. Ayn Rand won't be able to save him.

If Wausau organizers were smart they would invite all the area Republicans and put them on one big float with Duffy on a throne and let the crowd have at it. It's not too late...extend an apology and force them to come and meet the public.