Thursday, August 11, 2011

Priebus: A Manufactured Outrage

Prince Reebus took his bulbous eyeballs over to MSNBC to talk about the Republicans big win in losing those two Senate seats the other night. Aside from the standard language gymnastics these guys get paid to come up with, he said something quite interesting.

In referring to the big money spent on the recalls by "big-government unions" as if their side contributed none (which is just funny) he talked about their "manufactured outrage" and went on to say that we need to be "country of makers, and not a country of takers."

Hmmmm, interesting verbiage.

Prince Reebus would be well served to understand it is in statements like this the outrage is manufactured. If teachers, firemen and nurses etc. are truly only "takers" in his world view, expect a lot more manufacturing of outrage.