Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading Between Vos' Lies...I Mean Lines

The art of message discipline is sometimes based not just in what you say, but what you don't say as well. A good case in point is today's JT commentary submitted by the King of Pop(corn).

Vos has a new talking point:
"Wisconsin has added nearly 30,000 private-sector jobs so far this year."
Vos doesn't mention the few hundred "public" jobs cut at Unified alone in just the last few weeks. Clever.

Wanna know the difference? Parking attendant at the Bristol Renaissance Fair: private sector job. School teacher: public sector job. One is a part-time, no benefit, not even close to a living wage job that will end at the end of the summer and the other is a freeloading Cadillac job for parasites and slobs with no redeeming social or community value.

Vos' talking point was echoed in today's letter section with a nicely placed tribute by Burlington's Bob Geason who remarked in a completely coincidental fashion:
"Wisconsin has created over 30,000 family sustaining jobs in the last eight months."
Well played boys. Geason fudges on the "family sustaining" part, depending on who's family you are referring to. The Siren doubts that Geason's thousands of dollars fueled to Wisconsin Republicans had anything to do with the fortuitous letter timing.

Never-mind that Wisconsin is nearly in a 122,000 job deficit and last month's job report was the worst report since...well ever. It's time to celebrate!

The other non-spoken point of omission is Vos reference to how innocently and organically his ideas for legislation are nurtured:
"Most of my legislative ideas come directly from my constituents and from the local officials in my district."
See, no ALEC inspired legislation to be found here kids. I wonder if Mr. Vos would provide us with the names of constituents who suggested the Bounty Hunter Bill, the Promoting Predatory Lending Bill and Telecomminucations Deregulating Bill? Unless David and Charles Koch have been hanging out at Chocolate Fest, Robin is full of shit.