Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republicans Declare Victory In LOSING Two Seats

Perhaps it is a manifestation of exactly how frightened they really were. This morning, Republicans are congratulating themselves for only losing two Senate seats.

Keep in mind there have only been two successful recall elections in Wisconsin history prior to last night and Democrats managed to double that in one day. It goes to show just how difficult and rare it really is to win a recall. But not only did Democrats win two seats in Republican districts they came pretty fucking close in two others.

So close that Alberta Darling changed her Depends twice.

As charter members of the Tragically Un-Self-Aware Club, Wisconsin Republicans are running around this morning like they won a mandate by 100%. Sigh...delusional but energetic aren't they? Yesterday, they had six Senators, today they have four - let's not spoil their fun by doing the math for them.

They'll figure it out soon enough when Dale Schultz starts to wield the extraordinary power he just gained as the one moderate Republican able to cast the deciding vote on EVERYTHING from now on.

So there will be plenty of time to discuss and assign blame when all the statistics are in. The kids will pour over the turnout statistics like a CSI team and figure if Pasch shoulda, coulda pulled out some more votes. But the Siren would like to lob one big ball of poo this morning at Graeme Zelinski and Make Tate for going straight for the election fraud card last night - which was ultimately retracted this morning.

Would not the thousands of volunteers and supporters been best served by describing to local news how remarkable it was for them to have come so close instead of ducking under the cloak of cheating accusations? It lacked maturity, class and leadership.

So for all the Siren's kittens this morning who wonder what it all means...the recall election went exactly as predicted. There were two vulnerable seats which you won, two that were safe which you did not and two which were a stretch and you came very, very close. You protected one seat in a landslide decision, you took two seats from the Republicans this morning and you must protect two more next week...not bad at all.