Friday, August 5, 2011

Senate Candidate Steitz Renting To Non-Compliant Sex Offender In Kenosha

Unbelievable catch by Zach at Blogging Blue...

Much has been written about recall Senate candidate, Jonathan Steitz' residential status. He and his wife own a duplex in Kenosha, but with four kids they outgrew it and rented a home in Pleasant Prairie.

Turns out the renter they found for their duplex is a pretty shady dude with a criminal record that includes sexual offenses, disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated and unpaid debts.

Worse - not only is the renter a registered sex offender, he is non-compliant according to the Minnesota Database.

Why is Steitz renting to this man? How in the world did he think no one would find out about it?

There will be more information to follow, but the first wave of this discovery is massive.

Read the background info at Blogging Blue.