Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vos In NOLA To Suck Koch

Ooooh the Siren loves a tip! Guess who is headed to New Orleans to party with the Koch Broz and their pals at the ALEC annual meeting?

Did you guess Robin Vos? You were right!

The ALEC Wisconsin state chairman is going to the shindig and according to the Miami Herald may just a chance to bump and grind at the famous Antoine's restaurant for ALEC's "Florida Night" dinner that will feature Trout Ponchartrain ($120 per person) or Filet with Marchand de Vin Sauce ($130 per person). Swanky.

The Siren can't imagine why anyone would think fancy dinners and a nice stay at the NOLA Marriott completely comped by billionaires is any kind of conflict.

We can't wait to see what legislation he brings back...we're guessing actual poor houses where inmates toil for  pennies to harvest produce for corporate owned farms...oh wait, that already exists.