Friday, August 5, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

So Wisconsin Republican Senator, Dale Schultz says that Scott Walker's staff tricked him and caused him to miss the vote and his effort to introduce an compromise amendment on ending collective bargaining.

Schultz believes they knew the vote was coming quickly and called him to a meeting in the Governor's office just before. Because of the protesters and chaos, he could not get to the chamber floor in time.

Schultz told the Journal Sentinel, "You're damned right I think that's what they were doing. It's appalling to think about it."

Later in the day, Schultz took calls from Walker, Ellis and Senate leader, Fitzgerald. Schultz said he never meant to besmirch anyone.

Let us take a moment and imagine what might have been said in those phone calls to make someone so certain wet himself. Humiliating.

That's how it works in Fitzwalkerstan.