Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beer Shared Between Two Douche Bags

The Siren dislikes Robin Vos very much, and we rarely miss an occasion to mock, scorn and belittle Vossy. We enjoy it.

So it makes the Siren really pissed off to have to feel some modicum of sympathy for Mr. "I Smell a Fart" because someone did something even douche-ier to him.

A guy dumped a beer over Vos' head in Madison Tuesday night and it was pretty clear it was done because of who Vos is and not because he made a pass at the guy's girlfirend - or boyfriend for that matter.

The interwebs were all a twitter with activity and chatter and then this afternoon the Journal Times comes out with a story that 50 people are gonna turn themselves in tomorrow for the beer bath and among them is Racine's Miles Kristen.

Raise your hands if you are surprised Kristen might have anything to do with it.

It had Miles written all over it before we even saw the story. Miles may have found his calling during the protests in Madison and he may have also done an excellent job. The Siren even gave him a compliment for his "Madison Strangler" blow up David Prosser.

Miles thinks he's a radical and he thinks he's a street fighter...only the way a kid with parents who work for a university can.

Miles is a narcissist. If it ain't gonna get him attention or press, he ain't down for the cause. Miles' favorite activity is posting links and videos about himself. The Siren thinks he should wash his underwear. Vos knows who Kristan is, so if it was him it isn't gonna take too long to confirm it.

*Update: Kristen turned himself in triggering a hail of publicity for himself which he will mistakenly construe as success. Working progressives brace themselves for a day of taunts by superior feeling conservatives. A collective "thanks, jerkoff" is mentally focused towards Kristen by all.

Real radicals fight on principle for people with no voice for causes that shape policy that affects the well-being of society. Assholes dump a beer on the head of other assholes.