Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dogging Vos

There seems to be some kind of virus infecting Republicans which prohibits them from being available to voters in situations which are not fundraisers, lobbyist meet & greets or ALEC conferences. It appears to be directly related to the absence of campaign money and the presence of video cameras.

Madison activist, CJ Terrell has been trying to get a word with Joint Finance Co-Chair, Robin Vos and his frustration has taken him to great lengths...

These guys have a lot of energy and if looks could kill - Vos would have vaporized them all with his beady little chipmunk eyeballs. Funnier is how they never actually engage Assembly Majority Leader and dullard, Scott Suder. He kind of adopts a "dude you are on your own" stance and acts as if he's not quite there...which he isn't.

BTW: Who goes to a Best Western for lunch?