Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandpa Gets Dragged Out, Knocked Down & Arrested At Paul Ryan's Pay-Per-View Event

Hey kids, let's go have lunch and visit our Congressman. But don't ask him a question kittens or your ass will end up in jail!

71 year old, retired plumber, Tom Nielsen was dragged out by Greendale police at Paul Ryan's pay-per-view Town Hall in West Allis on Tuesday. As Nielsen is held down and hand-cuffed, Ryan cracks jokes about whether Nielsen has taken his blood pressure medication. The Siren hopes this video haunts him forever.

More than one GOP shmoiger (looking at you Fred) have suggested that since the price tag for the event went to the Rotary it doesn't count as a pay to see your Congressman. Wrong.

With no public listening sessions scheduled other than this ticketed event, Ryan has reserved his interaction with constituents who can pay. No one said Ryan was charging, but rather the public was being charged. What a bunch of assholes.