Friday, September 30, 2011

The Kathy Nickolaus Problem

For many people in Wisconsin, Kathy Nickolaus represents everything wrong in Wisconsin politics: a corrupt, but loyal crony rewarded with a secure job in a Republican stronghold with a talent for incompetency and disregarding the rules.

For others she's a saint vilified by the left because of her past associations and wrongly accused by rash and dumbass accusations (Yes, Mr.'s Tate and Zelinski, we're talking about you.).

So the GAB concluded their investigation on the 14,000 votes she forgot to enter on the night of the Prosser & Kloppenburg election. They found she indeed broke the law in how she reported those numbers, but didn't do it on purpose.

It's the strangest conclusion imaginable, leaving both sides to wonder who is right? Mrs. Nickolaus' actions have cost the state millions in investigations in addition to the Supreme Court recount triggered mainly because of doubt over her weird work habits.

Nickolaus is up for re-election in 2012 after running unopposed last time - it is doubtful that will happen again.

The real question is will she run again?