Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Koch Puppet & Racine Homeboy, Fred Young Gets Fingered...Again

Yeah, yeah the Siren understands the picture on the left isn't Fred Young Jr. but rather his father, Fred Young Sr. It's just such an awesome portrait of American aristocratic superiority that we don't actually have to see a picture of junior to know all about him do we?

Anyhoo...Fred Young has accidentally gotten his name in the press because of his close ties to the Kochtopus, the Tea Party and their coordinated campaign activities - they deny publicly - but do anyway.

Let's back up.

No one believes for a minute that the Racine Tea Party is self-funded. No one. Everyone knows Americans For Prosperity pay the bills.

Joe the Idiot Plumber doesn't show up at a bonfire in Caledonia because he was just driving around in his truck. He gets paid. Fuck-wad, Grover Norquist doesn't show up on Monument Square by coincidence - AFP buys the gas for the big bus. When douche, Jonah Goldberg speaks into a microphone on a rented stage with a big screen TV down by Lake Michigan on September 11th, Nancy Milholland and Ken Brown didn't pass a hat so locals could chip in for the expenses. Their sugar daddy is Americans for Prosperity.

It's not a judgement, it's a fact. The Racine Tea Party is a grassroots group WITH a 24-hour on-call, all expenses paid lawn care company called AFP.

So, Brad Friedman from Wisconsin's own The Brad Blog gained possession of an audio-tape from the Koch Bros secret VIP seminar in June in Vail Co. Many interesting revelations have surfaced, but one has direct ties to Racine.

The opening speaker was Koch Industries executive and big time DC lobbyist, Kevin Gentry. Gentry is also the guy who doles out Koch's charitable grants and by that we mean multi-millions of dollars - 'cause you know they are all about charity...So Gentry waxes nostalgic in his remarks as he begins to introduce Freddy Jr and accidentally reveals his own activities as a Koch-head working with AFP and the Racine Tea Party all on behalf of Republican candidates:
KEVIN GENTRY: I’m going to turn it over to a dear friend, Fred Young, for the purposes of an introduction. Fred is a long-time fighter, freedom fighter, in this movement, from Racine, Wisconsin. Former owner of Young Radiator. As part of our efforts last year, in 2010, I was on the road for [TN?] in Wisconsin, here at one of Americans for Prosperity’s last minute kind of get out the vote tours. And I went to an event in Racine, Wisconsin, and met up with Fred. It was sort of a Tea Party AFP event designed to help in the Congressional races. And Fred was kind enough to lend me a sweatshirt because I wasn’t actually prepared for Racine, Wisconsin in November. So Fred, let’s take it away, please.
Hmmmm. A Tea Party event last year, when it was a bit chilly before the November elections when someone was running for Congress? What could that have been?

Do you suppose it was the "September 11th Tribute and Town Hall" held at Pershing Park which featured Congressman and candidate Paul Ryan? No it couldn't be. That was a non-partisan event designed to "honor those who lost their lives on 9/11". Hmmmm.