Friday, September 16, 2011

The Leads That Get Buried Because Of A Miller-Lite

Do you remember any big stories that broke the week of Anthony Wiener's - wiener tweets?

Well, there was a big earthquake in New Zealand. John Edwards was indicted. Republicans were off the rails on the debt ceiling and Paul Ryan's budget plan was tanking enough to make him one of  the three most disliked Republicans by the end of the month.

Anthony's underwear scandal? We can recite the unfolding of the drama like the holy rosary.

It's frustrating when dumb stuff takes precedence over important stuff - but it's also nothing new. We love the dirty laundry.

A few important things happened in Wisconsin this week:

~The FBI raided the home of former Walker aide, Cindy Archer. A big deal that has caused the Governor to retain even more legal counsel. If you don't fully understand the entire "John Doe" investigation, Chris Liebenthal over at Cognitive Dissidence has written a terrific overview of the timeline and why it matters.

~People were carried out by police of Assembly chambers for video taping the session. The removal was perhaps not legal and it certainly was unseemly in a state that used to pride itself on open government.

These are big discussions about what is happening in our state. They are kind of things that bring attention to the people who govern our state, how they govern our state and what we all think about it. But compared to a dick in a guy's underpants or a beer poured on a guy's head - it can't and never will compete.

It's a shame that Miles Kristen's boneheaded play for fame gets as much attention as it does. Is anyone really surprised? It takes time, discipline and restraint to keep the discussion focused on the work thousands of people are doing across this state to undo the harm this administration has created. It takes only seconds to divert our collective attention - Kristen is a dick in a guy's underpants.

If some elements in this movement don't understand and respect that - we need to make it clear they do not speak or represent any of us.