Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Motive Behind Playing Coy On Free ID's

So, if Wisconsin Republican's really wanted to quash any voter fraud - no matter how rare it actually is - they would make ID's really simple and accessible to get.

But they aren't are they?

If they really wanted people to vote, you would be registered automatically when you got your driver's license or your state ID. Or even better, people turning 18 would get a FREE voter card that also served as a state ID.

But they don't do they?

It comes as no surprise that we learned of a memo coming from the State DMV which says that DMV employees can and should provide free state IDs to qualified applicants who wish to use them to vote, but only if they check the box and say the magic words first. The DMV will not proactively mention that citizens have a right to a free ID in order to vote.

Why? Is the DMV some kind of secret voter hating bureaucracy? Not particularly, no.

The reasons behind Voter ID are far more subtle and in their way, much more sinister. First, the law is written terribly. Terribly in an on-purpose kind of way. It was designed to cause confusion, leaving departments like the DMV and municipal clerks in a perpetual state of chaos as to how to legally implement such a badly written law.

If you don't believe the Siren, call or visit your clerk. Ask them a couple of questions and watch the hives surface. They have no idea how to handle the gaps and gaffes written into the piece of shit known as Wisconsin Voter ID.

Additionally, the DMV is pooping their pants because with this hazy free ID provision, they are watching their own revenue circle the drain. With the law not even in effect the DMV has lost $307,000 in revenue for IDs given for free in just a few weeks time. It's no wonder they have become evasive.

Wisconsin Republicans have some of the most expensive lawyers in the state on call 24-7. Don't you think they could have written a better designed law...if they wanted to?

It's Shock Doctrine politics at it's best.

If you look at the brilliant chart above, you'll start to see why. Take a long look at the map of the poorest voters...see how the 2008 election would have turned out if you counted only the poorest voters. Poorest voters are the folks who often don't have cars, therefore making a drivers license less likely. They are the kind of folks who would have to take a bus to the DMV to get a state ID...try taking the Racine bus out to the DMV in Sturtevant, it's easy. You only need about 4 hours not include waiting time, round trip.

Poorest voters also are not generally homeowners, making them much more transient - moving in between elections - requiring renewing voter registration that also requires a special trip to the clerk's office. Another convenient bus trip.

Oh, and if elections were decided totally by the poorest voters, there would never be a Republican elected outside Idaho and Wyoming again. That's the real reason for badly written, confusing voter ID laws that make it harder for the poorest among us to cast a vote.

No? Well, then the Siren says we put all the DMV's in the very poorest parts of every town, right next to the food pantry and free clinic and watch all the wealthier voters complain about disenfranchisement.