Friday, September 9, 2011

Movin' On Up Through The Racine TEA Party

In March of 2010, Today's WTMJ 4 described Racine Tea Party Co-founder, Nancy Milholland as "an unemployed sales manager."

One year later, Milholland's fortune changed when she was hired as "Events and Grassroots Coordinator" for Americans For Prosperity - a decidedly not grassroots national organization funded in large by millions provided by Charles and David Koch.

Milholland didn't stay put too long - receiving a promotion in July as the new "Southeast Wisconsin Field Director" for AFP.

A nice parlay to a paid gig from humble beginnings the Siren thinks.

Milholland joins the ranks of rarefied Americans for Prosperity staff:

Former State Director, Mark Block was infamously banned from political work for three years in Wisconsin and fined $15,000 for his part in illegal campaign activity during his employment by Supreme Court Candidate Jon Wilcox - which coincidentally holds the record for highest campaign penalties paid. Block was more recently embroiled in voter-caging efforts in 2010. The AFP part in the effort was to send postcards to a compiled list of minority and student voters. Postcards that were returned for non-delivery would be turned over to local tea party groups to legally challenge them in polling locations. The press found out from a secret recording of the meeting where the plan was mapped out and they all had a lot of explaining to do.

Block was replaced a few months later.

New Director, Matt Seaholm picked right up where his predecessor left off. In August, Americans for Prosperity was caught sending absentee ballot applications to voters in two recall races which listed the application return deadline a day after the election. It was discovered a short time later the return address of the bogus applications was a p.o. box previously used by Wisconsin Right to Life in a very similar scheme. Seaholm called the incorrect date a "typo." Yeah, right.

Seaholm is a former adviser to scum-bag Scott Fitzgerald and Chief of Staff to MTV star and Congressman, Sean Duffy who has shown his fealty to the Koch Bros big oil interests over and over again. Seaholm reaped part of the reward by becoming State Director of their baby AFP.

As Milholland rises in the ranks at Americans for Prosperity, one wonders how she will distinguish herself? It is also interesting the Racine Tea Party has never publicity announced her promotions neither on their website nor in any press release the Siren could find.

Girl founded it, why the ambivalence?

Is it because the good, sincere people who thought tea party groups were actually a grassroots phenomenon don't appreciate discovering their friendly, neighbor-lady is on the payroll? Tea Party groups who aren't bat-shit crazy conspiracy nuts have become quasi-criminal political franchises funded by billionaires and Grandma and Grandpa don't like getting used.