Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Parade For Robby & Wanny

Not they weren't invited, and wouldn't look great in their matching back-to-school, Robby and Wanny are gonna sit out Labor Day festivities.

Last year when he needed every vote he could get, Wanggaard mustered up the nerve to show his face at Racine's Labor Day Fest out in Franksville. This year...not so much.

Wanggaard's butt-boy, Scott Kelly told the AP about the kind of reception Wanggaard might receive at Labor Fest this year... "I suspect, would not be a terribly friendly one." Ya think?

Vos? He'd go to a parade on a heartbeat, but a labor festival? Heaven's no! He wouldn't be caught dead at one "because most of the people who go to those events are hardcore Democratic activists." 

Yea! Hear that you school students eating brats over by the ice cream truck? You're nothing but a bunch of hardcore thugs and Robin Vos wouldn't even fart in your general direction.

What a couple of douche-bags. These guys are such assholes they can't (or won't) attend a public holiday function in which people get a day off and celebrate with cook-outs and parades because they are such fucking traitors to working people they risk being openly despised.

In what world would that ever happen to Democrats?

Maybe when David and Charles Koch buy their own memorial holiday, Cory Mason and Bob Turner will have to stay home then.