Thursday, September 15, 2011

OMG! Paul Ryan Called Me!

What is wrong with all these workers who say they can't talk to Paul Ryan? He just called the Siren the other day and left a message saying he was really sorry he missed me. Me!

Tuesday evening a number of area friends, including the Siren, received a call directly from the busy sommelier inviting us to hang on the line for a "phone town hall". It's not a fancy dinner in D.C. or getting roughed up by police for asking a question at a Rotary lunch, but it's the thought that counts...right?

More than one of the Siren's posse thought the timing was a bit interesting since those naughty kids over at Community for Change and Wisconsin Jobs Now are holding a DIY Citizens Listening Session tonight down in Kenosha.

The Siren thinks they are being a bit harsh on poor Paul. A conference call where the speakers and questions are all pre-screened and all you can do is scream uselessly into your phone is just like meeting with Ryan directly - he can't hear you either way.