Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Puppet Show Gets A Command Performance

Bill Bielefeldt & Beth David Get Played
Some invitations you just can't turn down, like a love letter in the form of a subpoena.

The JT finally got around to confirming what the Siren told you about a hundred years ago: the players behind John Dickert's slander accusation are being deposed by the Mayor's attorneys.

Eric (Won't somebody think of the animals...huh? they're shutting down? And it's gonna cost what?! ... never mind) Marcus admitted he has been summoned to deposition for his "alleged" role into goading Bill Bielefeldt into filing a slander case against Dickert so he could win his election campaign against him. Dickert's attorney's maintain Marcus made the calls to get the whole turd rolling for "political reasons".

The masses stand agog. Politicians fucking each other over for political gain? Say it ain't so!

Funny how quickly fresh air turns into poop air down in the 2nd District.

More than a few folks near 730 Washington Ave. get a sheepish look on their faces when the subject of who exactly invited Marcus to the party. But, haven't we all invited one guy to a party who got way too drunk, hit on your mother, took his pants off and dropped a crap in the punch bowl? Maybe it's just moi.

The real loser is Bill Bielefeldt. He was pissed over losing his job, presented with an opportunity to get a few licks in and now he is just the guy who sued the city for thousands of dollars that tax money will pay for. If it turns out he got played like it looks like he got played, then he's staked his entire reputation on an election that got 38% of the popular vote. Bad bet Bill.  

BTW: The Siren's favorite bit in the Journal Times was when Marcus was questioned by the JT just before the City Counsel meeting he referred questions to the City Attorney's if they represent or speak for him...and he was an attorney. Doh!