Friday, September 2, 2011

Racine City Hall Pot Boiler

Oy, City Hall these days! If it's not thing it's another...

Park 6, permanently on the way out until strange witnesses and circumstances arise to resuscitate their beleaguered liquor license for a few days longer. Thomas Holmes lives to fight the Public Safety and Licensing Committee in two weeks. Why? We don't know anymore.

Then a woman comes forward who says she was offered a discounted rent on a 6th Street apartment if she agreed to complain to police and city officials about noise and rowdiness outside Park 6 and the Place on Sixth - the bar owned by neighborhood Alderman, Keith Fair.

This could have been a game-changer, except she turns out to have a sordid past that includes two felony convictions and "theft by deception" which makes her word less than ideal. Sigh.

Word around City Hall is Alderman and Place on Sixth owner, Keith Fair will soon face an ethics complaint (which naturally he will counter-file) on top of his disorderly conduct charge which goes to court at the end of the month.

So, what's the score? We don't know anymore.

Also circulating is that Alderman Eric Marcus is threatening "something big". Big? It almost has to do with Mayor Dickert whom he seems to hate like Voldemort hates Harry Potter.

Could it be his business, the Woofdorf-Astoria is going to take over as the humane society making the multi-million dollar price tag for a new one partially caused by his whole bullhorn protest outside Countryside last year make more sense? We don't know anymore.

What all these guys need is a Bravo TV style reality show...The Original City Hallwives of Racine. CAR 25 could broadcast it as a pay-per-view to raise some revenue. The Siren would never miss an episode.


Speaking of Eric Marcus...his friend and chief booster, Beth David over at RacineUncovered has been subpoenaed in the John Dickert/Bill Bielefeldt slander case by the Mayor's attorneys.

They are asking for a whole bunch of her documents, information and emails from Bielefeldt regarding the case as well as information pertaining to her support of Eric Marcus for Mayor. This is fairly serious stuff.

David posts the subpoena which is straightforward, but just as it get's kinda interesting towards the end...she omits the last page. Frustrating.

David plays off the subpoena as retribution and intimidation for her truthiness and righteous support of the Mayor's opponent  - and if you take her word at face value that could seem believable. However, she doesn't mention - again - that she is named in Bielefeldt's own deposition as a witness. She offered her corroboration to the plaintiff first - of course the defense is going to question her.

Also, since Marcus is named both in David's subpoena and in Bielefeldt's deposition as another corroborator, look for Marcus to be subpoenaed as well...if he hasn't been already.

This is a shameful mess. In the end it will be expensive and no one is walking away clean. The Siren maintains this is at it's root a grudge match between the Mayor and the Alderman he recruited who then wanted his job - and the cast of characters who supported him.

Who is right and who is wrong? We don't know anymore.