Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Robin Vos "Is Like A Cancer"

"I just think recall elections are like a cancer," Vos said Tuesday. "We either have the chance to apply chemotherapy immediately to try to stop the cancer from spreading, or before you know it the patient is going to be on life support."

Hmmm. Interesting metaphor Vossy. Let's try this a few ways...

~Recalls are cancer. But the right to recall is built into our state constitution, so our state constitutional rights are a cancer that require chemotherapy administered by Vos to kill.

~Recalls are a cancer that must be stopped from spreading to...where? Van Wanggaard's Senate seat? Vos will act to save his buddy from a dreaded disease. Is Vanny the patient on life support? Is Scott Walker in the same cancer ward?

If Vos get's his way, the patient will be the voice of the electorate and the cancer is Vos.