Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ryan Will Unveil Budget Reforms...When The Heritage Foundation Writes Them For Him

Paul Ryan said yesterday he will be proposing new budget reforms as Chair of the House Budget Committee. This is a big deal, Ryan said:
"If we don't' tackle a new fiscal process in this country, [it] will tackle us,"
Wow. That sounds really awful. What will the reforms be to save us from such a bruising?!?

Ryan did not say. He will let us all know as soon as his corporate benefactors tell him what the plan will be.

Like Ryan's "Path to Prosperity", he will base his budget reform plan and statistics on numbers provided by the Heritage Foundation - which will be fact-checked by kids who can actually add - and then retracted and altered.

Somehow along the way will forget that a failure to act will result in a painful death for America.